Legal name Alura Copenhagen ApS
Address Sommervej 3
Postal code and city 2920 Charlottenlund
CVR no. 39 53 36 18
Telephone number 27 84 45 31
Email info@aluracopenhagen.dk
Webshop www.aluracopenhagen.dk
Instagram aluracopenhagendk

To become a B2B seller, you must apply for this on our webshop. You select “my account” and register as a customer. When we have processed your case, you will receive an e-mail with login information.

To order goods as a retailer, you must be logged into the webshop as a B2B customer. Here, under the catalogue, you can choose the goods you want to sell in your store. The purchase price and RRP price (Recommended Retail Price) appear under each item.
Prices of goods are for one piece. If you want to order a set of earrings, you must put 2 pcs. in the basket. Under each item, you can note the date you wish to have the item delivered. If you want to have the item delivered immediately, do not fill in the date. It may happen that some of the goods can only be delivered on a specific date, in which case this will appear under the product description. When you have finished choosing items and you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation.

There are packshots, for all products that are negotiated, under My account/PR material. You can freely download and use the images on your webshop and on your Instagram profile. The pack shots are available as long as the products are traded.
Model photos from our Facebook and Instagram profiles may not be used as PR material, as we are subject to guidelines from the modeling agency in question. If this is not observed, this will be prosecuted.

For orders over DKK 3,000 excl. VAT, you will be given the opportunity to choose a display that will be delivered together with the goods. The shipping price for the display is between DKK 200-300 ex. VAT and is paid by the buyer. The display must be returned to us if you wish to stop trading our jewellery, or if no re-order of goods has been made within 2 years. Displays that are not returned will be invoiced.

The first time we send an order, we attach posters and decorations for use in displaying the goods in the store. Thereafter, new posters are sent once a year. It is not a requirement on our part that this be used, and the material must not be returned. We only have rights to posters and back supports with model photos for 1 year. It is therefore important that the materials in question are removed from your exhibition when we ask you to take them down – if this is not complied with you will be invoiced.

We enclose jewelry boxes corresponding to the number of items ordered. A box is included for a pair of earrings, and a box is included for other pieces of jewellery. PCS. If additional jewelery boxes are desired in addition to the number delivered, this will be invoiced separately.

As a new seller, you have the option of having one of our three dealer packages available. Our dealer packages include showcases for display, boxes for storage of stock, display and POS material.
The dealer packages are the property of Alura Copenhagen, and are made available as long as our jewelery is sold in the store, and that the store has purchased jewelery for a given amount within a period of 8 months, depending on the size of the dealer package. At the end of the collaboration, the dealer package is returned to Alura Copenhagen. If the showcase/display is defective, an invoice will be sent. Contact Charlotte Hyllested, agent in Jutland on 22 64 79 33 or Gitte, agent in Zealand, Funen and the islands on 27 11 26 80.

If there are problems with delivering the item immediately, we will notify you as soon as possible. When your order has been sent, you will receive an e-mail from us stating that the item has been handed over for delivery. All items are shipped with GLS. When we have delivered your package to GLS, you will receive an email with a tracking number from GLS, so you can follow how far your package has come.
If you are not present for delivery, you will be invoiced for return shipping.
If there is a fault with the delivery, it must be returned to us within 14 days.

We endeavor to send the goods within 1-4 working days, for goods that are requested to be delivered immediately. Goods that are requested to be delivered on a specific date are dispatched 4-6 working days before the desired date. The delivery time at GLS is 1-4 days under normal circumstances. It is not possible to cancel a purchase due to delayed delivery. Alura Copenhagen does not pay compensation if goods are delayed.

If your package is damaged when you receive it, you must take a photo of the package before opening it. You send the picture to us by email together with information about the damage to the item. When we have received your email, we will create a case and we will get back to you with the further process. We endeavor to process cases within 1-2 working days, but there may be delays.

As a business customer, you have no right of withdrawal on your purchase.

When your item has been shipped, we will send an invoice per e-mail, the payment terms are 14 days net, payment information will appear on the invoice. If you have chosen different dates during your order for goods, you will receive an invoice after each shipment. Freight for delivery is charged for each delivery together with the invoice for the purchase, freight costs will not appear on the order confirmation.

After the due date, a compensation fee of DKK 310.00 as well as a reminder fee of DKK 100.00 and 2% interest per started month, the interest is calculated from the total receivable. If our receivables are not paid after the notified deadline, the matter will be handed over to legal debt collection without further notice.

You have 12 months right of complaint, valid from the invoice date of the purchase, for goods that are broken. Items that have oxidized during use are not considered items that have broken. Before the item is returned, you must create a case with us, where you send a picture of the damaged item and the invoice number from the purchase. When we have received your email, we will create a case and we will get back to you with the further process. We endeavor to process cases within 1-2 working days, but there may be delays.

Freight in connection with complaint cases is at our expense. Write us an email and we will send a package label. It is not possible to return goods in person at our address without prior agreement. We do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery.

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